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Radiohead Cult

The Radiohead Cult
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This is the Radiohead cult of livejournal.
If you really think you're a big enough fan to join this cult, fill out the below form, OR give your own explanation any way you want (drawing, singing, sharing accomplishments, good stories to epitomize your love, etc.)
Make all introductory entries friends-only.

Name and Age

Favorite Radiohead album and why.
Favorite song and why.
Favorite member and why.

Show(s) attended along with short summary.
If you have not been to a show, give reason why.

Testament to obsession?

Tell us three interesting things about Radiohead we don't know.
If we honestly don't know one of the things, you'll be allowed automatic membership.
We'll be honest. We are humble.

Once you are accepted, feel free to add your input to other member's posts.

NOTE:This is not a rating community. Everything is based on obsession of Radiohead. All pretension displayed is in the name and reputation of Radiohead. This is not an ego trip for the owners, but a tribute to RADIOHEAD. The purpose of this community is not for us to accept or reject people as fans, but to sit around a worship Radiohead. You may question why there is an application to do so- but other communities members often want to talk about off-topic things and think some people take the band too seriously. The application isn't really an application that bases membership, but more of a discussion starter and opinion sharing exercise.